After-school care After-school care

Your child is welcome to attend our centres for after-school (or out-of-school) care from the age of four. We also provide care before school, during lunch, on study days and during school holidays. Our after-school centres are located throughout Oegstgeest, near the primary schools.

"Enjoying activities or relaxing after school. After-school time means leisure time!"

Register and visit

Want to register?

As soon as you know which primary school your child will attend, you can register them for after-school care. Registration is free and without obligation. To register, please click on the ‘Sign up online’ button.

Want to take a tour first?

Please feel free to visit us. Our managers will be pleased to show you around the childcare centre. Click on the ‘Come and take a look’ button.


Going to after-school care for the first time

The transition into school and after-school care can be exciting and overwhelming for both your child and you. We will give you all the time and attention that you need to adjust to the new situation.

Handy app

We will keep you closely informed on what your child is doing via a handy app. You will receive a daily update on the activities at the after-school care centre and how your child experienced it. You have will access to the photos that we made of your child via a handy app.

Teenagers up to 14 years

We have a teenager group for children up to 14 years old. This is a fun group for teenagers who are too old for the ‘normal’ after-school group. Parents often see this as a good next step towards secondary education. We help the children to become more independent.

Opening hours

On workdays, our centre is open from 7.30 until 18.30. Our childcare centre Uit&Thuis is even open from 7.00.

Safe and cosy

Your child will be cared for in a group of children of a similar age by a permanent team of pedagogical workers. Our cosy after-school care facilities provide a homely atmosphere. As your child grows up they will go to a group for older children. We have a special teenager group where your child will learn to become more independent step by step.

Worry-free care

We work closely with the schools in Oegstgeest and our other local partners. Together with them, we organise activities and provide a natural transition from school to after-school care. We also provide transport within Oegstgeest for children who do sports or attend courses on days that they go to after-school care.

Download the Sports & Hobby Transport Service Apllication form

Room to relax and discover

Children must be allowed to spend their energy or relax after a busy school day. We give your child all the room they need. After-school time means leisure time. We provide fun activities or allow them to be creative. During the summer weeks, we take the children outside and often visit the Blokhut facility at the Kagerplas lake.

Playing outside

Under our supervision, the children are allowed to play outside as much as possible. Climbing, running, activities and sports. We also let them do other outdoor activities like playing in the sand or looking for insects. Read more about our outdoor areas where the children can enjoy nature and adventure.

How to calculate your net monthly costs?

Want to calculate your net monthly childcare costs? Use our calculation tool to quickly estimate the net costs of our daycare services in your situation.

Contact us!

For further information, please visit our website or contact our Client Service at 071 – 5159800 or info@sko-oegstgeest.nl. They will be happy to advise you personally.