Discover and develop!




What kind of care do you need?

Stichting Kinderopvang Oegstgeest offers different types of childcare for children from 0 up to and including 14 years.

How we see your child?

Your child is open, pure and inquisitive. From a young age, your child will socially interact with others. Children learn from each other in a playful way. Your child will typically use fantasy and creative thoughts to express how they feel and experience things. We will help your child to discover their qualities and develop their talents. Your child is unique, and this is also how we see them.



Our core values

Safe and trusted

We provide a safe and warm environment: a place where your child feels at home and can be themselves. We have a permanent team of employees to look after your child.

Dedicated and stimulating

We focus on your child's qualities and are involved in everything they do. By encouraging your child to try new things we help them to discover themselves and the world around them.

Discover and develop

We teach children to learn together and from each other, and to steer their own role within a group. In addition to providing childcare, we offer a place where your child can discover and develop their talents.

Professional and personal

All our pedagogical workers have the necessary qualifications and are extremely professional. They are dedicated and skilled workers who put their heart and soul into their work. They really enjoy being involved in your child's development.

More than just childcare

We work closely together with parents, educational and care institutions, sports organisations and other partners that are involved in stimulating your child's development. Together with them, we offer you and your child a complete and coherent range of services that focus on education, care, development, relaxation and upbringing.

Daycare centres throughout Oegstgeest

Our childcare centres are located throughout Oegstgeest. Together with schools and our other local partners, we provide a familiar and trusted environment for your child: an enjoyable place to play with friends, do sports or a hobby and to take the first steps towards independence.